Stone Barricade/Wall Problems

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Hello Rezoner and any other readers! This post is made to discuss problems I have found with the stone barricades (or walls).

Stone Walls-

These walls are cute and make the game seem orderly, as well as give you the sense you are in a mountain range or wilderness - until you get blasted with fiery arrows. Anyways, here are some features about the walls I will list so you can understand my ideas.

Stone Walls-

You can roll/jump/fall off them

You cannot jump on/over them

You can shoot over them if you are already past it, however, if you are facing the ascending side, your shot (if you are an archer) or any other attack will not work.

These are just a few important details about the wall. Play Wilds.io yourself to see more!

This post is to discuss pros and cons about the walls and some ideas included with them. First of all, I think that there should be a slight loss of health if you fall (not jump willingly) off the wall. This only makes it far, as falling over the wall during a fight without a loss of health gives you an escape route and doesn't punish you for falling down the stone wall of doom.

Also, I think that you should be able to jump over the wall if you dash and then jump. this only makes sense because the dash is giving you a 'boost'. Also, this lets you travel easily but still is a skill to learn for advanced players.

Wall Stairs-

I have some ideas with these wall stairs. One of them is making the steps bigger so that you have to jump to get over some, making it harder to run from a fight, and also making the landscape harder to be predictable. That way, these stone steps won't be overlooked.

Thanks for reading! If you have any input, please comment, I appreciate it if you would like, thank you Rezoner for giving us a great game to play in. See you next time!


I like the idea with wall stairs ;)

they're called mountains...

Sorry for the miss spelling or wording, I simply think of them as 'walls'. Thanks for the input though! And thank you Eg!