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well, they ain't real same as respawn ain't a thing its a game remember that. giants ain't real either so this idea seems pretty good but the player dont have to be the smae size he can be a little smaller.

it doesn't matter its a game, the boss would still be stronger just same size.

this was a thing when wilds started btw

you probably wont here when that was a a real thing, when wilds started you got way bigger as your score grew, we also when by points back then not bones.

just make a map where you can spawn it, that way if it has bugs it wont crash servers so while you are waiting to join arena you wont have to reload and stuff. an auto spawn every once and a while would be fine because people would spam spawn it...

sounds nice, why cant you just have custom shield settings and please dont bring into just dont....

he just didnt realize lol

go back to when sword special was unblockable >:}

does he also pick the fighters? and can organizers fight?

Rezoner looks at the 1 2 and 3 pages everyday