Tourney Mode (Legion's Idea)

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So Legion suggested a new gamemode, but didn't want to post it here so I'll post it for him. Basically how this works is that there is a gamemode, which Rez can open and close. The matchups will be chosen randomly, and Rez will have help from organizers (which he picks). There can be a certain number of people, and once it's filled, people can spectate during battles. Battles will be organized by the organizers over Discord. It's basically the tournament server on discord but on Wilds. Remember, all credit goes to Legion.

+1 from me

Thanks my d00d

arena meets discord meets people watching live


Thanks for the credit *insert thumbs up here*

This would make tourneys way easier +1 all the way

does he also pick the fighters? and can organizers fight?

Hmm Legion didn't elaborate but I assume the fighters are randomly placed against each other and organizers cannot fight

Rez wouldn't pick the fights. A website would randomly select the fighters, like how it was done in the first wilds.io tournament. But Rez would select the 2 people who are actually supposed to be in the arena fighting against each other. Any other people who join in an ongoing battle will be spectators who can't move, or attack people, just peacefully watching the fight.

Rezoner, m8, wilds.io tournaments aren't doing too well. They always lack proper organization and fall apart often. The tournament mode would add enough organization for us to actually make it through a tournament, instead of being completely canceled like the second wilds.io tournament.

An official mode would really help

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Problem is not with organization, problem is with participants. They often join to tournament and this is last thing what they do. You can Ping them and doing other magic tricks but you can't make your tournament fight without oponnent.

bump because this is really good idea i must say, 1 like for me (sorry for bump if i am to late)

Nice idea! This can make finally sure who is best player in wilds (of course, it's me! >:D)!