New Beast/Boss Alpha Worm

Shopkeeper Ally 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 10


this new beast can be very dangerous its health is 75 and it instant kills, and kills everything in its way including all items such. Sorry i don't have a picture of what this beast looks like (Im really bad at editing) I can see people baiting people into the sand worm pit and summoning the alpha worm for a nice troll. 

How to summon?

well in order to summon this beast you need to throw one haste potion and one clone potion and the sand worm has to eat them. Only sand worms can eat potions, well there will be a new animation of the worm coming out of the sand and growing and it would look really intimidating, well once this beast is dead a new sand worm will have to respawn, maybe like a little more time than an ogre to spawn.


When the worm is dead it always drops coins and has a 50% chance to give you a new quest this quest can be challenging but gives a lot of coins when it is completed, like maybe get 50 bones or something. The quest will be given to whoever gets the final hit.

I understand if Rezoner cant add this easily, but i just thought this would be a cool idea.


How about:
Have the worm grow bigger every time it eats someone until it reaches its boss size
It has 50 hp and can only be killed using explosives
Using a hammer special on the worm stuns it for 2 seconds
Reward: 25-50 bones

i kinda like the summoning idea better but, the other things i agree with

I also forgot to say the alpha worm would be 20% faster than a sand worm

We dont need huge worms,because we have big worms

Ok,good idea but,as you said,it'll take some time to add this boss and all those aditions to him,aswell the quests.Still +1.

Sounds like the worms from ARK on scorched earth.

Oh *sigh* We don't wanna copy that.


Maybe this can be added in Winter map... What do you think?

just make a map where you can spawn it, that way if it has bugs it wont crash servers so while you are waiting to join arena you wont have to reload and stuff. an auto spawn every once and a while would be fine because people would spam spawn it...

Seems legit,also you won't face all boredom you ussually wait through.