Should we bring back the old Marketplace place Map?

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago updated by Lava Hyperion 7 years ago 21

I was really in love with the old Marketplace Map. I would like to revisit the old map 'cause it is so fun. I gotta say, in my opinion, the Marketplace map is better than the current map "Fort" (sorry Rezoner) because the detail is so much more appealing than the Fort.


Yes, in a last map before Rez added palisades I saw only desert, no ruins. First maps of ruins was really looking like ruins, not about now when we have fort. Blah.

Why you dislike? Say why please or I will think that you dislike me someway and I will call you a raider.


 I remember in my old times... breaking lines of noobs with the sword´s special... Archers and mages covering your back... Flanking the enemy archers through the corridor that was on the south... Fighting for the dominance over the trasure chest... Freezing enemies while they jumped through the very void in the treasure chamber... Surviving the hot deserts of the ruin´s outside... While also pillagging the very marketplace itself!.

Very nostalgic. I´m starting to sound like an old men now right?

But i would say yes every now and then to this post to revive the old times.

I used to love the sword no one could stop it you had all the power and the take over the other teams spawn point it was the life.


You hit the nail on the head! That was by far the best map. I liked chilling out in the corridors and rooms and the bottom of the map.

And wall dmg what was op dangerous in corridor and small rooms in the center where was boxes with stuffs xD


Can we please have the old marketplace back? Also, here's a laugh (mature):

Also, Prometheus is not a god. He is a titan.

I thought I was going to get sick watching that, even 2 girls 1 cup didn't evoke such reaction out of me.

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a marketxfort fusion A BIG FORT and inside is a market outside is the yetis and houses.

Fantastic suggestion, I hope we can convince the boss! :)

1: Stop bumping.

2: The marketplace map was changed because it was waaay too crowded and drew both teams to the very center room (which was total chaos) whilst leaving the rest of the map totally abandoned. In short, it was a poorly balanced map. While the aesthetic was pleasing, I would choose a well-balanced map over one that looks nice every time.


I won't stop bumping because Marketplace was arguably the best map ever in wilds.io.

Also, we could've just cut parts of the map off from the rest. Besides, Wilds.io was supposed to be a game of chaos and fighting, hence the name. Also, Fort also had parts of the map that are kinda forgotten so you can't make a argument saying that Marketplace had parts that were abandoned. While I do agree that the grey team had the superior positioning of resources (boxes and food), Rezoner can just as easily alter that. Besides, a map that can please both new players and experienced players is arguably better than a balanced map as the market's vibrant colors really keep players glued to the screen, instead of a crap-ton of desert colors, which are kinda dull now... I would even say that the fort map isn't balanced either because brown spawn points are closer to where items spawns.

The Fort map in my opinion fragmented the majority of the battles into little pockets of fighting, which isn't a terrible thing but keeps you on a constant search for kills. In Marketplace though, it promotes teamwork because all the fighting is in one place, which is convenient for players to lend support. I think that it is this aspect that really unites the teams into one. Of course, Black team will still have it's share in Marketplace, for those who crave a much more difficult challenge. I just think that Marketplace offers so much more than the default Fort map. 


As you said something about teamwork if we get marketplace back maybe we will get to use a healing wand.


Rezoner, please notice this...

Rezoner looks at the 1 2 and 3 pages everyday