Grow with the score (the same size as the giant).

Caio Costa 7 years ago updated by Lava Hyperion 7 years ago 20

I don't speak english. Google Translate.

when you get 100+ bones, you should be the same size as the giant.

as in the image below.

no thanks


It just doesn't seem right, because giants are always supposed to be bigger than players

but it's not all players, it's just who has more than 100 bones, usually only one person with 100 bones


Even with that,it's not realistic being big as ogre.

So magical wands are real?

dont play the "magical wands are real" card on us

well, they ain't real same as respawn ain't a thing its a game remember that. giants ain't real either so this idea seems pretty good but the player dont have to be the smae size he can be a little smaller.

you probably wont here when that was a a real thing, when wilds started you got way bigger as your score grew, we also when by points back then not bones.

it doesn't matter its a game, the boss would still be stronger just same size.

this was a thing when wilds started btw

Giant = orge btw

If you had a giant sword, the sword could be like 20 inches, so that's a problem

Yea,that's bullsh#t.


And claws bigger than spear when have 100 bones...

More like almost as ogre's height.

I do kinda wish the growing rate was a little smoother. The way it is now, at a couple bones you get way bigger, and as you get higher than 20 the grow rate slows to a crawl. It would be cool if the grow rate was more linear. But it should stop before you get that big.

Too much lag

Yea,I dash for no reason and my jump lates asswell.