Changelog 20-01-2017

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 29

I hope that you will enjoy charging the weapons as this opens up space for more special moves. The wand is there - consider it somehow experimental and not yet balanced.

+ Charged mode for all weapons

+ New weapon - Ice staff
| 1 meele damage
| hold attack to fire a beam
| special attack - freezing bolt

+ Bow changes
| Charge to fire an arrow
| Special ability - piercing arrow (piercing + knock down)

+ Meele changes
| Charge to launch a spin attack (3 damage, wins against normal attack)

+ Kick to disarm if the enemy is using weakest meele attack
+ While disarmed you can punch (0.5 damage)

% Visual fixes - bigger boots, better kick animation, reworked arrow and knife trails
% Fixed abusing planting mines just before the next round
% Disconnected players (or bots) will not earn kills anymore

Don't even know whether to scold you or not

mhmhmm I just tried to help as it was an ongoing issue

charged melee 3 damage??This is a too overpowered for the arena

Nvm i feel its ok theres still block so its cool. BUT PUNCH IM SO HAPPY!

I'm puzzled with this disarming ability of kick. But first let's see what influence that is going to have on combat.

pretty skeletons

Very different than before, I have to get used but it seems better on many aspects.

Signalizing a graphic bug: the flag disappears from the character sprite, sometimes altogether, sometimes it "flashes" back and forth. The red circle under the character is always present.

It should be a lot what to change.

I hate to disappoint you Rezoner, but you've done a lot of mistakes not to mention balance of the game. For errors and corrections even need to make a separate topic. It is a pity that you do everything alone.

Under review

Try reloading the game, it's something broken up with the sprites.


problem in the bow special attack always roll after shooting

The same problem is with wand special attack.

I need 5 minutes of playing to lose some of voice and graphic effects (hitting boxes doesn't do graphic and music(XD) effect, running and rolling the same problem), and i was killed by... map full of guillotines(sorry for non-screen, but i got problem with doing screenshots). When i was using hammer skill, i got for 3-5 secs brother behind me, who was doing the same moves like me (people laughing). I think DEAD COME BACK player will say he see it, because my friend was doing a video as Thorin about Wilds.io. And he was staying on the abyss. (Ha Ha Ha Ha etc.) No worm effect, just a human who can dash(moving dead) and attack, block etc. Repair this game, please!

Bonus glitches i found: Yeti was dying automatically (something invisible was dealing damage) and Guillotine (on the way to treasure chest) got two moving clones.

PS. They were pursuing me :D

I think the charge attack shouldn't be an 'all or nothing' thing, at half charge it should deal 2.5 damage and shouldn't qualify for a disarming.


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BOW SPECIAL THOUGH! playing 'indirect fire support' is so much fun! but this really calls for the desert map again, or a more open combat region instead of the melee that is the main room in the Ruins map... sigh I liked the old Wilds where there was spacing and not just a bloodbath in the middle and no one else went anywhere else...


the ice staff needs a buff

Lag and glitches are happening very often now. Is it the staff? Im not sure, but we need to do things about this. I have to refresh the page about every 5. Please fix this

FINALY Rezoner this update is super mega ultra cool!

Why this update is awesome!

Acho que deveria Ser retirado o Cajado, Ainda tem muitos bugs pra serem removidos rezoner é eu gostaria que as luzes que saiam das flechas e das facas voltassem, pra ficar mais fácil identificar de qual time é o arqueiro que atirou a flecha.