Your comments

I have translated your problem with google translator.

Can you tell me what is going on? Black screen?
Playin at school or work is usually not possible

Try Chrome

I think I have fixed it. If not I will cancel the status.
Also the script may sit in your cache so if you know how to clear it - it would be great.

1) Ensure that you are using newest Chrome or Firefox
2) The game often doesn't run at work or at school - because they block some ports so you don't play :)

3) It might be firewall

4) It might be adblock

If you miss more exciting experience try ranked mode for now :)

Do you have adblock disabled?

I dig this idea very much although it would change the game inside out.

What I can tell you is that soon players will be able to collect money and spend them to buy minions / pets - that will slightly modify heroes attributes.

The game has different scales on different resolutions anyway hence I am totally ok with people using browser scaling features. There is no way to disable it entirely.