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I am working on that - the game is not too popular yet - but the main problem is that players don't want to leave casual mode :D

I have plans for CTF if Patreon goes well - otherwise I have a daily job to manage :)

Yeah... I totally can't find what's going on ;s

Was it ok earlier? Is this a new bug?

What browser is that? Use Chrome or Firefox.

Press F12 to open dev tools and pick Console tab - and make a screenshot for me please.

It looks like that

1) Try Chrome or Firefox
2) If you are at school/work it is likely that the game is blocked
3) Firewall may block ports

Berserker secondary attack (quick right click) is the only attack in game that can deal damage to fallen heroes.
It's not supposed to be a solo attack - you should team up with a grunt. Grunt uses roll to fall down the enemy then you jump on it with Zerk.

It's often caused by the firewall, adblock or somehow blocked ports (playing from school / work)