Your comments

If the server is Dead - it might as well mean that you have blocked ports - maybe by firewall.
As of long queue times - it's because ranked mode is still not very popular.

Not a bad idea since there is no gain from using it manually. Although let's wait for what the others think.

Wow cool! Much better than my idea that was SHIFT + key or RMB + key

No worries - I am super fixated about NOT making it pay to win - nor - grind to win.

I am rewriting networking logic now - and I cannot make any updates until finished (I have messed up the code totally \o/) - but right after - it's a totally reasonable fix.

I have something exciting in plans.
Player will be able to translate their score to items that will slightly boost their character.
Of course very well balanced - so it will not be upgrade system - but rather an option to slightly modify your character properties - like +1 health or 10% evasion chance.

I have connected my private laptop as a server - and nobody could access it =S
Try now please.
If it still doesn't work - open console (F12) and make a screenshot for me

Can you try with different browser? Chrome / Firefox

Yeah agree - I already have that in TODOs - mainly because it's super important for ranked games (especially there are no healing characters yet)