Your comments

Sorry but the game engine sucks and it cannot have moddable skins :)
It's because that every character in this game is like 10000 small images - if you multiply that by skins amount it would simply kill the browser - so I would rather have more heroes than more skins.

I dig that idea

How about instead of monsters we go with animals - wolves, bears, deers?
I already regret adding goblins - I totally didn't wanted to go into fantasy genre.

I am very grateful to have so many spanish players - but there isn't much to translate - it's just PLAY - MOVE - ATTACK :D

Za każdym razem czy czasami?

Let's try now. I have removed invulnerability when rolling

Hiya there what's you username in the game and patreon?

I am ordering a proper gamepad right now :D
I will be thinking about more platforms later - I am already overwhelmed by the amount of work - and I get an email from a publisher everyday.

The thing is - I don't even have an idea what I could do with such amount of money + out of sudden the game would have to earn for me + dozens more people and shareholders - rendering me a lifeless robot.

I am trying to keep my life happy and healthy.