Unlocking cosmetics

C.V.O. 3 years ago • updated by Khargok Saitama 2 years ago 7

Giving players permanent reward for somethings they a complete.
Like a goblin head for killing 50 goblins.
Or just some kind of reward system to keep the players playing.

(and some cosmetics can be only for patreon)



Hell done :D


I have something exciting in plans.
Player will be able to translate their score to items that will slightly boost their character.
Of course very well balanced - so it will not be upgrade system - but rather an option to slightly modify your character properties - like +1 health or 10% evasion chance.

Would this be a one-time purchase or all games, or would unlocking it work until you died?

better is for all games...because this would help for people that want to play own way

Nice, Was thinking of something like that to.
But I think it may break the game


No worries - I am super fixated about NOT making it pay to win - nor - grind to win.


Hell done :D

rezoner tactics xD