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I would really want the block to work different way - like - if you hold the right button it blocks but eats up stamina.
Tho I have used that button for running args.

Use block. Berserker doesn't have one. If you manage to block him he is yours.

That's a bug not an idea :P Although it looks cool - like Excalibur :D

1) I do have plan to add gamepad but not really more than that. Rotating character with keyboard in such a fast paced game would leave you chance-less

2) Yes it definetelly needs some kind of tutorial - although I don't have time for it now - so it will probably be some kind of a video. We shall see - it's not a priority at the moment.

3) Yes I do have CTF and Soccer (I already even have a ball implemented :) ) in mind - but I cannot fragmentate the game modes until there will be enough players - otherwise it will result in very long waiting queues (which already take 10 minutes). So yeah - but when we reach around 1000 players online

4) I have rewriten server logic this morning - it might help. Anyway I am using cheapest servers and all are in Europe. If the game earns enough I will split it to different locations - once again I have to ensure there is enough players to play together.

5) Yes - making another hero takes me about a month which I cannot afford since so much is going on around the game - but when I am done with bugs and priorities - there are going to be some new heroes - especially supportive one - and option to unlock them without Patreon.

It's probably that google couldn't find an ad that can target you. I am not sure what that could mean - except you are kind of a robot :D

Hold item key to throw it in desired direction.

Maybe for Patrons. I need some time to display ads which keep the game free. The reality is that the game has to earn or it will simply die - or become a paid one.