Under review

Gamepad support

Larrymielcar Ebenezer 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 5

Support for the standard gamepad

Proposal for the button mapping (XBOX 360 Controller)

  • movement: left stick/d-pad. When stick is in use, there should be available "analogue" behaviour of the player character. If I push the stick "gently" (;-)) the warrior should move slow.
  • block: left bumper
  • attack: right bumper
  • kick: B-Button
  • roll: A-Button

Under review

Yeah I am eager to support gamepad but it would be handicapped compared to mouse - as in the torso and legs controls are now detached - with gamepad torso and legs direction would have to be synced.

Alternatively it can aim nearest enemy.


Or use right stick to aim? It would act as aiming with mouse.

Without any mouse, I binded my pad as below & iterate 3 times.

Result: I was the 1st of all sessions even versus pro players in ranked games.

My favorite controls:

Left stick & D-Pad - Move

Right stick - Aim (with a mouse speed near to 80%)

A - Jump

B - Roll/Leap

X - Hit

Y - Health Potion

RB - Block

LB - Kick/Crush or Run

RT - Knife

LT - Mine

Try it & you will love it as I love this game!

And for the team: If a console version is on your roadmap, I know people at Microsoft who will be happy to publish your game on Xbox ;)

I am ordering a proper gamepad right now :D
I will be thinking about more platforms later - I am already overwhelmed by the amount of work - and I get an email from a publisher everyday.

The thing is - I don't even have an idea what I could do with such amount of money + out of sudden the game would have to earn for me + dozens more people and shareholders - rendering me a lifeless robot.

I am trying to keep my life happy and healthy.

Probably It's too late for this but the Speedlink Xeox Pro is really nice gamepad in good price, and it is xbox 360 compatible.