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hmm.  im not sure this is right, i saw some reallly old players have numbers in the thousends next to their name

well rez is not here so you can pretty much do anything you want

yes its been that way for some time now.  new players start out with 2k gold.  i have been making alot of alts B)

i like allys how they are now.  i do not think factions would be good for the game.  Guilds have like 400 people now i feel that that is enough for factions

you broke the rule in the fourms that says 1 idea per post you might want to delete this

well, there are only 3 really importent weapons in the game, axe, sword, hammer, and claws.  You use axe for farming and making people feel bad,  You use sword, hammer and claws for everything else.  Sword is currently op in arena/browars so i think it should cost the most gold.(5k),  hammer and claws i think should cost like 3k.  Spear and ice staff should cost 1k,  and bow should cost 1 million coins because fuck bow.  The grind is nothing like it was a year ago due to new players starting out with 2k gold and the quest system.  you pretty much start out with a free weapon now

 for arena in the low ranks you can pretty much fight anyone, in the high ranks you usealy have to ask the person you want to fight to fight you.  The mode used to be WAYYY more popular before browars came out.  Browars does not always take a while to have a match.  There are often times where everyone is playing.  Also for your ratios,  the eu sever has way more people in every mode.

some people actually think the spear is good.  His idea of how to fix the spear is also not the best.

this is still an issue. 

Well, if you think about it not much of the combat makes sense in this game.  everything about blocking,  the sword special,  kicking projectiles, dashing, jumping backwords animation, sheild bash timing,  the weapon throw damage, the weapon throw speed,  unlimited archer arrows, only being able to hold up the sheild for a short amount of time,  the kick timers, the way jumping makes you move faster then sprinting, and prob more,    Punching has more range then spear(please dont remove this it is a good mechanic for arena),

But for the roll if you think about it it is kind of like a tackle.  You jump forward and then roll out of the tackle position.  idk i kind of like the roll how it is