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And guys, that's why #2 happened to me because i have a dual monitor set-up. and was doin something in the 2nd monitor after some time, iv'e done what I'm doin, then go to the 1st / Main monitor ( where the game i put ) then accidentally clicked the 1000k elf ears rather than the body of the shop, bit clumsy. *facepalm 

lmao, btw tried the ctrl + w twice. idk how i did it. but it was fast asf. 

No , I just want a black cape , It's not that necessary for it to depend on Tribes .

You're hilarious :D  


Forget it rezoner fixed it lol

thanks rezoner <3 

You boi forgot likee 3/4 glitches to get in fort, 

-corner #1

-corner #2

-top right corner 

3? Or maybe i forgot somethin. neh just leave it by 3 . 😝

+1 It'll add balance to the game !