Confirmations in the GAME

Marx 6 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 8

Please consider to put confirmations in the game, for example ~

#1. In fort , You have a hundred bones in your game right now, and then you accidentally pressed ctrl + w - to close the page / ctrl + r - to refresh the page (or some shortcuts that would close the game).  And then POOF your excitement has gone. instantly. 

Image 2665

An example , this was captured in diep.io.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^

#2. In SHOP , You have 7000 gold, and you're so excited to buy the cape that costs 8000 , And then suddenly you bought an item that was NOT planned or NOT wanted ITEM. And that item costs 5000, Even though you need 1000 Gold to acquire the cape, now you need 6000 Gold. 

So please consider putting confirmations to the game. 

Thank you for reading , Have a good day ! 

P.S  Example - #2 happened to me, bought the elf ears accidentally. And wasted 1000 Gold for it. 


Yea, would be good. +1

totally need them, although im not that clumsy :v

lmao, btw tried the ctrl + w twice. idk how i did it. but it was fast asf. 

And guys, that's why #2 happened to me because i have a dual monitor set-up. and was doin something in the 2nd monitor after some time, iv'e done what I'm doin, then go to the 1st / Main monitor ( where the wilds.io game i put ) then accidentally clicked the 1000k elf ears rather than the body of the shop, bit clumsy. *facepalm 

How to show off that you have dual monitors #101