Glitches/Bugs in any area.

Marx 7 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 7 years ago 8

Please be patient, the video is only 2mins and 30secs.

Keep in mind that i'm not good at all glitches, some glitches will take me 5/6 takes. 

~ I hate to do this but this is only to keep balance in the game. Peace out. ~

The video ~ 

Youtube video


Oh my dear god i didnt even know there are so many spots you can climb THANK YOU


Wait,how didn't you know about them til now?Is this guy including me only ones who knew about it.....I guess i shouldn't say this.

i knew only about 2 ways of getting in fort by bug, Marx showed like 5 or 6 

Np haha. 

Seal, lol wut? XD

What?I'm just asking.

You're hilarious :D  

Not quite..I doubt it.