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Whats to stop someone from coming back in as guest and continue flamming?

guys cmon...the bow is less powerful but its still perfectly viable. people are still pulling off insane kills, high bone counts, and good arena ladder climbing with it and it still has a strong presence there.

you guys might be overreacting a bit 

I've played around with the bow and the two major changes I've noticed here are the stamina drain and reload.

projectile speed seems to be a very minor change, and though this did impact my timing(ever so slightly), all this really meant is that you have learn to adjust your arrows a little differently to their blocks and kicks. also this does make long distance combat a little harder(I would presume, its hard to tell) but when your fighting someone at a very long range, unless they're completely oblivious, your arrows are most likely just there to pressure and pester, occasionally getting lucky anyways, so this projectile speed nerf doesn't really change that dynamic

I should also note that the special is as powerful as ever. I don't know if the special was affected by the projectile speed changes( as i said the speed change isn't very obvious) however even if it was, its still is as strong as ever. Its still very fast, a knockdown which allows you to gain some extra distance, and usually unpredictable as long as your not too obvious about it providing a constant threat even when its not used.

on to the real changes:

      Stamina cost: Ooh boy what can I say about this. It used to be the bow could continually sustain itself completely with stamina regeneration, being able to keep up a steady uninterrupted stream of arrows at its fastest release without much problems, with even enough stamina to spare for you to make a quick run-jump when needed. Now its less so. The arrows now take up MORE than the stamina regen can keep up with, so when your moving in one direction, you only have about 6 shots before your stamina is gone. This CAN be mitigated by staying absolutely still as you will have a 2x regeneration so putting the bow back to its original sustainability of fire, however I don't advise this as a strategy.

The implications of this means that the bow is now greatly reduced at its effectiveness at kiting people around. This is very noticeable as now its significantly more difficult to put pressure and get damage on those engaging you. It still is possible however with good timing, although now you have to be a lot more conservative with your shots. before you could just fire arrows back without any real penalty for failing to hit them(unless they're close enough that them kicking it back to you means that you don't have time to respond with a counter, in which case you better not hit their kick or that your moving sideways already) but now even a missed shot means less mobility and less damage potential.

       Reload speed: This is just something that you need to adjust to as a player. For those that have gotten used to the timing of the bow release, this is going to suck a little bit to begin with. It'll throw you off a bit, but you should get used to it before long. The combat implications of this though is similar to the stamina, it make the bow a lot less effective at kiting. This also means that your arrows will just slightly that much time for them to react to. most likely this results in you having to time your arrows between the kicks, blocks, and rollcatching. It also most likely makes you making you more dependent on your special for primary damage. 

I do wanna say that changes to the reload speed makes the bow far less 'noob friendly' as they say. I can very well see a new player picking up the bow giving it a try and coming to the conclusion that it sucks, simply due to the fact that reload speed is now making it a bit more difficult to use.

       Conclusion: I'm slightly vexed at these changes. I quite liked kiting with the bow and that just got a lot harder for me, though I have to admit perhaps it was a little but unfair. So being perfectly honest, though I'm slightly tilted with having to adjust some things, this probably was for the best.

while runners do have a huge advantage on anyone chasing them but deleting stamina orbs isn't going to help very much on this.

plenty of ways to deal with being out of stamina when running

Ummm yea...block=shield.

I'm not sure what you're saying. I'm proposing a new move to re haul the current combat.

Uh my idea is actually just that parry would be a defensive ability like block in order to reduce the reliance on block itself but if balancing tests think that parry should negate block somehow..I guess it could?

I do agree that the current fighting system is good. I personally love the combat myself but this is no reason to shy away from change that could potentially improve the game. We can all agree that wilds has come a long way since its first release and hopefully my proposed change will only be another stepping stone on its way to a legendary game.