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we need this for kicking rude ppl                                                                                                              votekicking costs 50 gold to counter troll accs abusing it yes counts as 1 point no counts as 1.5 point to counter someone with friends votekicking random ppl in my opinion thats good y3s 

Where could ban send them or for how long would they be kicked if that's the case.

Whats to stop someone from coming back in as guest and continue flamming?

you cant join to server you got kicked for 20 mins

In my opinion this would be unnecessary in certain parts such as: It would give to circumvent
the system by creating bots only to kikar the others (Unless rezoner create a system that
recognizes the person's ip, which would be complicated in my opinion) Could also have a bug in
which the person is kikada, more enters with another account (System of ip would also be
necessary) And with this system of ip that leaves visible the ip's of all that play, I think it
would be dangerous because of the miner that rezoner implanted in the wilds.io (if it still has
a miner ...) could also have a way to circumvent this protection and catch all the players' ip's
and get out of the way for malicious Hackers.