Runner is very op

Caio Costa 7 years ago updated by TheLegion27 7 years ago 11

Running is very op, when I'm chasing a runner. He goes to boxes to get life and stamina, because he is in front he gets stamina and the hunter does not get stamina, because he hunts or gets stamina. The game lost its mechanics. If you're running you're practically invincible, you run jumping and rolling then you wait for the guy to run jumping so you use the special attack, and you run again, always running towards the boxes to get life and stamina.

solution to the problem: delete stamina orbs

Tutorial how to turn a king without knowing how to play.
1. Buy a claw or sword (special attack you become invulnerable)
2. get two red potion
3. Kill some noob or bots (to have some bones to attract hunters)
4. Jump running and rolling
5. When the hunter jumps running use special attack or kick (if he can block his kick use only the special attack)
6. run again
7. repeat step 5

1. Always run toward the boxes for to get life and stamina
2. shop two red potion
3. always two red potion, do not hold yellow potion, you have infinite stamina if you run toward the boxes(the hunter's stamina will end if he keeps chasing you)
4. Ignore comments like runner, coward (they're just telling the truth)
5. do not fight 1v1 without running, you will lose
6. Never chase someone (only if you can kill with a special attack)

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I'm curious; Do this topic will get more downvotes or less downvotes than my topic about deleting dash from wilds.io?

I dont know but i expect less.

The runners will not like this topic, because this solution the game will be balanced. Deleting the orb of stamina, they will still be able to run but they will also have to fight ... infinite stamina is op

Who gave downvote, say the reason. Without speaking the reason is even nothing because it seems that you are taking advantage of it


No stamina orbs =

weaker staffs

less charged attacks

less running when you really have to

less chasing

everything is slower

Do my reason is enough for you?


while runners do have a huge advantage on anyone chasing them but deleting stamina orbs isn't going to help very much on this.

plenty of ways to deal with being out of stamina when running

You don't need stamina orbs to run... It'll just be a game of who's more efficient.


You're right, when you roll the stamina recovered, because of that you can run forever. One solution to this is to roll waste stamina

I downvoted this just because of the fact that THIS is why the rope was created, to catch runners on the run (never better said), and not to abuse a simple and overused O.P. combo called Rope+Bomb,

Me, maybe a respected player got insulted just by running from a Freak*ng 5v1 while 5 of them missed ropes so... not my fault, they need a better aim.

This is also why ranged weapons and stamina Pots were created for, so if you have only 2 red pots and the chaser has 2 white ones he´ll win.

I can tell you that chasing a runner is annoying but some times, it's their only way to live. Besides, there is no way to fix this. Every game has it's flaws m8.


I've said this before but:

Running by itself is a controversial topic in wilds.io. some people call it a stratagy, while others think that you should just keep fighting until you die, regardless of your health (which is stupid btw). My take on running is that it's fine once you're almost dead, I mean would you keep fighting if you had the obvious disadvantage? No you probably wouldn't. But running simply because you can? Stupid. Very stupid. Running with max health and 2 heals is a very pathetic display to say the least. You should fight until you're almost dead, then you should run either when you believe yourself to be in danger, or if it's un unfair battle (2v1, 3v1 and all that). Side note: don't run with less than 5 bones...what exactly are you protecting?

...I don't know why I wrote this I just don't like runners.