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Guess who's back, even if it is for 1 second :)

Thanks Egz, I need a break. I will probably come back later when, to be more accurate I'm simply not enjoying the game as much as I used to and since I have nothing better to do I can't stop playing.

Deleting the account is like the simple solution. (or I could just grow a pair and stop playing)

Anyway, I'll be back someday.

its a good idea, so why does it matter. I know rules are rules, but its not that big of a deal.

Actually its better than seeing a page filled with people shit posting and spamming useless crap

Zara sounds like an 10 year old fighting over a cereal bar, who the fuck says things like "eat my poop". 5 year old level shit.

"sucking banana"? wtf is wrong with your english. I just say "suck my dick". What is wrong with you??

Tribes are just cosmetic

Colour blind bitch, its orange. IRISH FLAG not Italian. I'm Polish though. You seemed to be in a bitchy mood today on wilds. If you want to continue the conversation on userecho then go ahead.

Actually, find me on discord. #1084

You might want to hurry up, daddy Disguised has college tomorrow. 

I want the staff to be as effective as claws without the use of potions, killing people in arena with a staff is very difficult, in fact killing anyone that can kick and block almost all of your projectiles is hard to kill if they are on the defensive 100% of the time assuming I only use the staff to kill them.

I just think that staff is terrible with my style, I don't like running away while attacking for 10 minutes with the hopes that the projectiles will finally hit them. I should have mentioned that I want the weapon to be playable in arena.

Without items there is nothing that makes this weapon stand out.

Also, what is the point of being some support loser at the back? I play solo.

I will give this weapon a chance and see if it actually worth its time and umm "master it".

Yeah, staff is absolute cancer in arena.