Your comments

The same for me, should be fixed.

Man, the brown territory exists and belongs to the ELITE tribe, so I don't understand why you pinpointed it!

The Blue I assume is the water, so there are no possibility of conquering it ether (xD).

Totally right, we worked hard to get there, while now someone can just do that!!!

Should be fixed, and fast.

Thanks for finding it)

Overpowered, Lets now focus on improving the last update, rather than pushing for more and more of new stuff. Lets him have a little break, what you think?

No need to fix this, it is cool to play with that "bug".

Hi, and nice to meet you my fellow neighbour (I will try to destroy you :D), like you I have the same problem, I have gained 10000 bones for my tribe and I have an active members. But I don't know how this happened that instead of getting bigger my tribe shrank and teared apart to many pieces.

Nice, and more productive, so that good ideas wont get lost in the ocean of unnecessary ones.

Nice Idea with ropes (or hooks), but it is no go with potions.

Potions is really Overpowered, so if you will have a stuck of it, there will be constantly players with 5+ clones.