Tribe Political map bug

Dead Wolf 4 years ago updated by Poke Hano 4 years ago 8

why some territories possibly abandoned are not conquered (look for this ScreenShot I circled a few of this territory correct me if I am wrong)

You crazy? It's a good message! More clans can exist! I don't understand why you type it as bug?

boi r u serious not all land has to be conquered

Man, the brown territory exists and belongs to the ELITE tribe, so I don't understand why you pinpointed it!

The Blue I assume is the water, so there are no possibility of conquering it ether (xD).

Water was a mistake kk xD

But what brown territory you're talking about belongs to the elite

Winterhold owns the circled land on the left, the capital is in the water.

The circled land in the middle is water and beaches, which cant be conquered.

JDT owns the circled land on the right, and in many other random areas- JDT's land is just weird.

Half confused, but gray territory?

:/ correcting some mistakes... im really confused/ Are really abandoned territories? Is it intentionally or not?

Basically whats happening here is that particular tribes are not limited to their specific area. thus you can WAR in wherever or whatever that tribe is wherever. You FOLLOW?