Add a button for KICK.

ECOLIZED1 7 years ago updated by Poke Hano 7 years ago 4

Hello everyone,

I have been experiencing some issue with the KICK, so that when I press Right Click x2, or side+RightClick my character hesitates and I have to try again. This reduces by speed and ability to kick the rolling players in time or reflect the arrows.

I had the similar issue with using ultimate, when I wanted to do it I was rolling instead, so the button for Ultimate(R), were the best solution and it applied perfectly.

So guys what do you think about separating the KICK from simple running and giving it a separate button (like it was before in older version)?

I know that for some people it is not even a problem, therefore could it be possible to make it optional. So that the people who want to separate button for kick could do it.

Just write your opinions in the comments.


Either this or remove the kick cooldown. Either way is fine. ALSO, you can change the kick button in setting *wink*

yeah you can customize ALL of your moves. As for the ult, I hold right and then i mouse scroll. really effective, easy aim.

Why is this in questions? It should be in ideas