Your comments

Vykrad, just think outside the box.

  • First point I totally agree with you (about the gold).
  • However with second one I will definitely disagree. I think the skill is more important that the place (even though with a good skill you will still end up in the top), just imagine the beginning of the month, everybody will be willing to fight in Arena, maybe without any queue at all, lots of fun and enjoyment. Of course the willingness to be the first, will drive the competition (maybe you will even become first), which is all for the benefit of community and the game (also the people who are not active will lose their place at the top, which i still think is for benefit of many).

Just think about it)

I think otherwise, since the skill will still show itself with high or low arena scores.

Really, a great thought. Totally for it.)

Although it is will again boost competition, and willingness to play in Arena.

C'mon It is fun to run far away for some time)