Bug in Soccer After Update

Dead Wolf 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 24

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I waited a century to play and it happened


The same for me, should be fixed.


This same bug is when you fight on pvp.

3v3 and 1v1?

I had this bug in 1v1.

I also got kicked from Ruins after getting a ton of chicks

Egzekutor had probably more than you

PS. He is still angry :/

I am not angry because this is only a game, but when you act like a traitor i lose respect to you. Try stand in the same position as me and imagine when i make the same thing as you.

You said I lost your respect and your agreement (so I got it? Impossible.), because I killed you. I had to because you was doing extreme lags.

I imaginated how I'm getting chased by 10(!) people and you was in this group. You could kill me earlier, I'm always ready to defection, because everybody are traitors. So... in which my topics I get agreement?


I killed Tytanowy Janusz today, but he wasn't so angry. Egzekutor is special.

You probably haven't seen this situation so please, do not judge me from top.

I saw it. I'm still laughing about this situation like some people who was on this too.(I found some of them today, I didn't ask them about this situation, they ask me.)

Well why you followed me then? You know i am not such a person and i not kill peoples without reason with whom I talk. And you are wrong, not everybody are traitors. Lags is really a weak excuse. Just say you wanted kill me only for destroy my challenge.

I can forget what you did, but admit that you did it just for your satisfaction.

People was going too, guy named _PL_ said he was going to kill you too, because of amazing lags, on my historic museum of computer I could count fraps on my fingers.

same here i had to quit

Already spent 1 day

waiting... waiting...

soccer and arena broken :/

i can't wait too

Under review

Why no console screenshot :\



Message to ukryty and vladimir:

I have better things to do than quarrel about little things. We both have our conscience here and let it be over. Also vladimir stop making a sensation because it is not worth it. That's all I have to say. If you do not agree then I invite you to the discord because the forum serves other purposes.

I'm not making sensation - you did it when Ukryty killed you. Everybody is laughing at you after this situation.