whats up my dear grunts

Celebrimbor 3 years ago updated by Jesperr 3 years ago 16

i know the community is dead but i saw some activity around here in the past months. how are you guys

I literally jumped out of bed waiting for this to happen once I heard the notif. I’m doing pretty good. Getting ready for the holidays. How about you- and this community of course?

im good, working on my uni application

im really sad the old wilds is gone. I personally dislike this new map, the leaderboards system and everything newly added. Fort was cool, ruins was cooler and desert was just awesome


I'm good as well. I'm glad to see this community isn't as dead as I thought it was. There are still people here

We still alive and kicking ;v

Its been too long since I've played. Anyone know if Rezoner is still making updates to the game?


Sadly he is not. He had more important stuff to do, and not everything is cool as we want it to be. So in summary wilds is still working and you can play it, but i don't see any updates coming, at least in near feature. 

But it's still good to see that some people remeber this forum :3

can we still have random bear and ogre summons papa egz 

r u still playing?

hi there. I remember u


Wow. I'm glad this forum still lives on today!

reunion inbound?

hi. Remember me?

lol yeah! just wish admins came back. people are finding gliches and cheats..... and some people are starting to hack

bored and alive and playing genshin impact

If you're bored and alive, play some wilds.
If you're not bored and alive, play some wilds when you have time.

In any case, play wilds, for you will like the moments you 4v1 and win.

Wishing you a great day,
Unnamed Floki