Your comments

"button image sprite"... nice...

Bro rez fixed this with the bouncy animations but everyone complained so much.

highly doubt it's python probably js

the mute button gets nerfed when the sword does

I think Heir just wants a response or an update on what is being worked on now. If it's a surprise, then it's a surprise so be it.

agreed they should only be used to replace afk footballers

I would also probably place hammer over bow considering how punishing its hits are. Also +1

Wand is for sure under axe. The bolts almost never hit a good player (dodge/kick/block spam), the ice ball special also rarely hits, and the melee damage is negligible. The axe can four shot a player, its special is an extra pin rolling move which almost always hits since most people don't jump too often.

A sword user of the same skill level as a claws user will always win. Does better melee hits than claws and can deal the same number of hits in between stuns. If the sword user saves the special for the claws special, the sword spin outlasts the claws and does damage after the animation.