Why aren't the weapons being balanced?

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Rezoner, the whole community (minus theLegion27 b/c he likes his claws overpowered) has been asking for weapon balance for weeks. The general consensus is that spear is too weak and claws are too strong. However, you have done nothing to fix these issues, and I don't mean to put words in other's mouths, but I've asked around in game chat and people (including me) are starting to get sick of the imbalance in the game. 

If you're working on something big, then it's okay to put weapon balance off for a bit, but at least tell us what's going on so we know when to expect a better Wilds combat atmosphere.

Weapon diversity has been proven over and over again to lead to a healthier game community. It's in our best interest to make all weapons unique and viable competitively (and I mean ALL of them) in order to promote a more interesting experience.

I want answers.

-The Heir


For me claws is easy for block or avoidance. This special is effective only in straight line, so when you fast make jump to the left or right side, you can easily avoid dmg. I think major buff should get spear and maybe wand (like small homing effect on bullets).

OnlY iN sTRaIgHT lINEs

I think rezoner is just annoyed at us all spamming weapon balancing ideas. He's proud of his claws and spear.

Actually Egg, the claws can still hit you if the person dashes where you are diagonally with the claws special.

Problems is, if you block even by accident, the claw user waits for it to end and then specials. Even if you dodge, they can dash.


But the problem is it's incredibly quick and you can claw special someone from outside the screen, giving them no chance to react. The hitbox is garbage huge as well

Ehmmmm... pretty sure that the claws' special only damages you if you are very close or is where they are facing when they dash.


Claws is easy to avoid. But other weapons (spear, wand) really need buff.

The claws' special needs to be nerfed so it doesn't clip you from the sides


Yeah. For being the weapon with the smallest range and the least damage, the claws special just doesn't fit the claws. I know of many players whose only strategy is:

1. claw special

2. pin roll

3. run and wait for claw special to regenerate

4. repeat.

Claws should be a fast paced chip damage type weapon, not a "use the brute strength of my easily landed special" type of thing.


Rez, I think it would be really nice to communicate your thoughts a little more to the community, because at this point we don't know if you're even considering stuff like these balancing changes or even fixing some bugs. Some things are constantly being reported or talked about on the forums, like the spear buff or claw special nerf, and it would really be nice to get some clarity on things like that.

Guys, Rez is not few intelligent that he did not notice that many players want the balance of weapons ... If he did not, there would be a reason.

for 3000 gold and having low attack i think the special is quite worth it .

if you wanna counter claws  when they come up to you sheild then kick 

after you do that a couple of time start rolling and then alternate

Lol rezoner replied to a thread right next to this one but he ignored us

Honest Opinion: Weapons are fairly balanced, except the spear is underpowered. Obviously with every patch, there will be some stronger weapons and some weaker weapons. Currently, spears and axes are weak, claws and sword are strong. 

Spears need to be buffed. Claw special is not that broken. It is annoying because their strategy tilts you, but you can easily dash away or block it, as opposed to when the sword special was OP, fast, with a big radius. The claw special is only in a straight line, making it only good for opportunity attacks at high tiers.


Also, if we are talking about a claws' nerf, nerf the sword as well or else everyone will be running around with swords.

The claws special is quick, powerful, and has extreme range to either side as well as forward. I think it needs to be less powerful. Sword isn't that bad because the special doesn't launch you forward at an extremely fast pace, though a good player (this means you mom's spaghetti) can use dashing to good affect.

Axe is NOT weak 

its a utility weapon i used to be beast at axe before i got sword

axe's specail is extremely powerful in fact it moves at a slow place so you can hide behind it.

heres a little something that i used to do .

if someone was chasing me i would place a mine down and then defuse it and then promptly roll or sheild bash the person coming after me or the mine (which is the same direction) will take some damage but however if you time it correctly you will take back the mine AND damage the chasers and then you just run and wait for your cooldown to refresh

this strat is for when you kill those crazy ass europeans and they start devoting there whole career to trying to kill you and chasing down (which really sucks) ESPECIALLY when you them and they spawn right next to you and your drained of stamina

In my opinion if Rez are going to add new weapon he has to put it in place of spear.


TBH, the spear special should be REMOVED because there is more than one way of breaching into fort. Not only that, but mountains edges do not seem to have a particular effect against players who can walk around them. So really the spear really has no useful advantages, other than it's crappy range. All and all though i think that the spear should receive a buff:

1.) Longer range ( with longer weapon )

2.) More damage?

3.) Does not have to apply to the clash effect

4.) More knockback

5.) A new look and a new name (spear seems to be too bland)            :)

The Halberd

6.) Improved special ability: The Push: Basically, the player will be able to run forward with it's spear and be able to stab and push players backward while you are pushing. It will stop for a time and the player who was impaled by the halberd gets knocked into the ground. People who used shield before the halberd makes contact stops the spear's special immediately. 


if we just upvote this a ton rezoner will notice.

So don't forget to hit the thumbs up, at least so we can hear rezoners opinion on this

we also need to reply frequently to keep the topic at the top

You have to understand that Rez has already notice this topic but he dont want to accomplish the idea now.

claws are not to strong but spear is indeed to weak


Spear needs some love. But I will don't kiss it!

Wand Needs a buff


Khargok is back, Poke Hano is back, who will be next one back? I hope it's not Seva :V

Ten upvotes, Zero downvotes, and still Rezoner hasn't done anything...

Blah, look at my weapon idea boomerang.. 24 upvotes, 2 downvotes and Rez didn't even noticed it .-.

do you even play anymore ukryty

I'm trying, I'm trying, but all my friends from tribe changed their names except Seal. And I don't know what happened to Very Seal. SEAL?! SEEEEAAAAALLLLL

Sorry man I'm not freqquently in a game due to bronchitis, no srsly i have it.Yup,that's the luck I have.And you aren't playing with us since ages regardless of my condition.

Srsly what's the reason you aren't playing with us?

Btw,the thought of not being in a game leads major feeling of unfinishedduty to me as leader.

Ukryty wasn't playing wilds.io for a time because he got sick of it. He's back in the game now...but I don't see him...probably because he always play eu.

Please do not complain anymore ...  Rez noticed these topics!! But he dont want to realize they now.

what is your in game name


You should know one thing: Most topics on forum was noticed by Rez, but now he working with other things in game. Throwing it away and going back is not good, so wait when he end current plans.

I think Heir just wants a response or an update on what is being worked on now. If it's a surprise, then it's a surprise so be it.

Welp, good news. Rezoner responded to one of the many posts requesting a spear rework. Rejoice.