New mod sandbox mod

kiko gamer1 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 20

Players create and build world and Battles NPC army player 1 NPC army player 2

Isso é impossível com o motor atual do jogo. Além disso, pare de publicar mais de uma ideia. Existe uma regra que afirma que você não pode enviar mais de uma idéia por semana.

That is impossible with the game's current engine. Also, stop posting more than one idea. There is a rule that states that you cannot post more than one idea per week.

Não acredito

O motor principal do jogo, penso, é o Python e estou certo de que o motor não é capaz de sua idéia. É por isso que o jogo não tem conteúdo com freqüência.

The game's main engine I think is Python and I am sure that the engine is  not capable of such idea of yours. That is why the game doesn't frequently have new content.


highly doubt it's python probably js

delete your comment...so I can revise mine.

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Stop trying to turn wilds in to minecraft.

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This guy keeps posting different sorts of crapshit . It's supposed to be an idea per weak , I guess he didn't get the memo .

I agree since most of baby d*cks don't apply the rules of time,way and amount of posting topics which is annoying,energy and time consuming.

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