Your comments

Well,there could be some enchantments or spells with pros and cons.

Bring it on.Wait not yet.Until I heal.

Still I made way less comments than before and I dunno why you can't see that.Ok,hating me is already counted but srsly,man?

You can't tell I'm spamming the bejesus out of this forum since I didn't.I just responded every once in a while.And if you can't even see that or even admit it,then it's pointless to send your salty criticizm since you won't change anything.

Hey,don't judge already.It'd be like me judging you by your ability to be less toxic and salty asf.

And get arrested?!Practically blow yourself up in the proces?Welp go ahead.

There could maybe be added option to set off clone to wander of or mybe set his agression.Dunno,it'd be helpful.

*facepalm with my infusion meds*

Again,be quiet so J4sh1n won't hear ya'.

Yea good point,but don't insult the poor dude.

But no worry,it has cooldown so you can collect cash again.