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You should also get a few people from the community to help with forum moderation. There's just way too many shitposts or low-quality posts on here.

The servers make the bots, not the players...

That's right, I'm not Rektt442 but I was the bukkake man :D

omg u bashed the bible,

now ur going to hell!!!1!!11!! omg

Oh, you're the Rektt442 guy that I was bukkake'ing all over...


He's the best hacker and pro player in the world!!!

I'm a huge fan of him, he pounds serious ass every time he logs on.

Oh, I never knew you could just zoom out of and see the whole map. Now archery is gonna be a lot more fun...

I can get a screenshot in an hour or so to show the difference, if you'd like.

Sure, we can both block.

But I was getting at the point that just one blocked attack will reduce you to 1/4 health. I dueled my friend yesterday, and I blocked one of his attacks and all of a sudden, I was able to counterattack him 3x with a sword and knock him down, and even follow up with a roll while he was getting back up.

Also, I wasn't quite sure what you meant when you said "the collision with walls no longer works". I haven't played this game today yet. Do you mean that walls will not knock you down when you roll or run into them?