Unfairness due to Screen Resolution Differences

yellowcakepie 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

I have both a 720p laptop and a 1080p desktop computer.

When I play on the 1080p monitor, wilds.io seems to render a MUCH LARGER area on the map. I can see at least 25% more in every direction. This allows me to stay farther away from people and be able to hit them with knife throws and bow shots.

When I play on my 720p laptop, the render area seems awfully tiny in comparison. It's very hard to chase people across the map as they run out of my view range in 2-3 seconds.

Can you make wilds.io detect screen resolution and adjust the game window accordingly?

I can get a screenshot in an hour or so to show the difference, if you'd like.


Press Ctl - or go you your browser settings and zoom out. It's not rocket science...


Oh, I never knew you could just zoom out of wilds.io and see the whole map. Now archery is gonna be a lot more fun...