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BROWN in gray spawn VERY IMPORTANT please help

Poke Hano 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 10

As you can Ultimate bukake is in the gray spawn.

This happens when someone in the game gives a link to a friend, such as in Discord, and instead of going to your own you always spawn there.

No hes using h is clones to go to the brown spawn i investigated

Oh, you're the Rektt442 guy that I was bukkake'ing all over...

Uh no you werent.

That's right, I'm not Rektt442 but I was the bukkake man :D

Dude spell my name properly

This problem is back :/

Under review

It has never been fixed :D

Its done by players entering the spawns using group codes.

This is not very big bug because when you die on enemy spawn point, you get back for good spawn. Anyway still bug :P