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Add more blood in the game, if possible.

But no, I was very lazy to keep him, and I gave the first place to Lisa xD

Oh, my God, is it really elven ears? I thought it was gold horns...

Так блэт

I'm a lazy noob, who will be hard at getting used to the new mechanics of combat, and so I like everything as it is.

Rezoner блэт!

If there in wilds were no chat , it would not have played so many players. (I think this translation is terrible :D )

Well, if you add up all the time when I was the top 1 in the arena, then there will be more than three months, and even keeping the top 1 statistics is incredibly difficult, and I asked Rezoner that he would give me a personal sign, but he is too lazy to do and give a sign to one person

Why are you so cruel? :C