Again, our favorite bugs with points in the arena

Rezak 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 17

During your absence, Rezoner, two mistakes were noticed, the first help was to score points, and the second one helps not to lose them.

The first mistake with the set of points is, of course, also used by our "beloved" Turks, namely Rhyme, and OnisARunnerBit ** esSon, and they are not at all embarrassed by this, although they have been told about this many times, but they continue to do so. I do not know what caused the error, but it's like the first when a player is fighting with an unregistered account, but unlike a bot, this is another player, and this is naturally another Turk...

The second error manifests itself over time, thanks to which the player who collects the glasses can never lose them, for example, Skilnox, who once scored points in a dishonest way and now has 425 points always, and he does not play...

P.S Good luck with reading this xD

Just say that you can't believe you aren't 1st on arena leaderboard :)

But no, I was very lazy to keep him, and I gave the first place to Lisa xD

u r not right, Ukryty. I can send u proof's

That is true, and i can confirm, he get this points with unclear tricks.

What do you mean by "unclear" tricks?

What's wrong with my "tricks"?

When i tell how it work, some players can start abuse it, so i want keep this info.

lose point-no super motivation for play xd.Players are hate this because all work in day have a small minus

So players (Turks apparently) have figured out a way to put players of their choice into arena battles? And one guy has figured out how to not lose arena points over time?

Turks are getting smarter but still reckless.Good thing Rezak was first able deal with them,as you said.

Rhymes account bugged and now he can only fight with unnamed's without rank. And he abuse dis bug and still using it.

Another one bug is points in the arena are not lost. (skilnox for example) 

Oh wow,why even?That way he won't progress as much.I'm sure he's smarter than this.

I thought you could just have fake accounts that have the same matchmaking code as your main account then versus them...