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Hello, Rezoner! I propose to separate the Browars mode from the arena so that players of different ranks can fight with each other without getting any advantage in the arena of statistics having a stronger team, and it will shorten the waiting time, but there is a risk that the Number of players will fall in this mode, Because the statistics will not increase, but I hope that most players play for fun, and rewards are made only in coins, and the reward in coins should be unchanged in this mode, so that players could not earn too much coins.

P.S. Someone may be outraged by this post :D

I agree. Or maybe different scoreboard for this mode should be added.

But Rez i have a question: is this a special game mode event?

Rezoner блэт!

I wish I could speak Japanese so I can talk to Hajime Isayama.

i wonder who this outraged person is

I shall give you a bumb. People were always asking for separate arena scores but rez never really noticed it, or just doesn't want to implement it. Either way, maybe this'll be the post that rez recognizes. 





Jeez Ukryty,watch where you're going!

Now how does that happen!!??

They kissin´.

Так блэт

This is "bump" in russian language?

It's on on already haha