Small "problem" With Elf Ears

OnderaZ 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 8

I Put this in the area of ideas because I think you work on it rezoner, even if it does not make much sense.
Soon after buying the elf's ears in the store, I saw that when you die flies off your head, this makes sense in the wolf's ears because they are a fantasy, but as far as I know, the elf's ears are real, right?
And even if they are not, it would not be bad to make them real.

Well,it's not big of a deal cuz' I'm just collecting for gray cape but still,this is easy to make.


Oh, my God, is it really elven ears? I thought it was gold horns...

Well,they could at least lower the price for just a single pair of ones.They cost samre as hammer,jeez.

lol dude the wolf ears are a fantasy but the elven ones are totally real right 

+1 you made me laugh

Viking helmet in red circle

I've never seen any kind of rope linking them to the character's head, so why would they be fake?

Dunno,maybe's just missunderstanding.