Siege Mode

Hyse 8 years ago updated by StrikerOG 8 years ago 5

One team has a castle and inside is the king (a player with no weapons and each attack does one dmg) while the other team has to break into the castle and kill the king.This would be a survival mode, in where you cant respawn and your chat can only be seen by teammates until you die.


-Classes like the shaman (when released) will really play a role on the defensive side with keeping the team alive

-Score will be first to three

-Teams switch out every round

-no potions recommended but its fine if they are added

a wilds.io player Hyse to Rezoner


Also shaman wont be released any time soon From what rezoner is saying EDIT: From what rezoner is saying indirectly


this mode would be better with


When you kill someone, you get 50% points.

These points you can exchange for skins and weapons at the beginning of the match
When you leave the game you lose skins, weapons and points.
When you die, you lose the weapon.

You don't lose the skin when you die.

instead of skins it would be classes such as the bezerker or others to be added.But on the first round everyone starts with an axe and no weapon.

Seems like this would be great if added to wilds. I dont agree with the more skins bc the game cn only handle a handful.