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Exchange points for skin or weapons

Caio Costa 7 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 5

You could make it look like http://braains.io/ you will gain points during the game and you can exchange for skins, but when you leave .. you lose the skin ..

You can exchange points for weapons, but when you die you lose your weapon

Would it be like a rent system where for a lower price you can use it for that game?Or elaborate.


When you leave the game you lose skins, weapons and points.

When you die you lose the weapon.
You do not lose the skin when you die.

These points for skins and weapons

i say it stay in Braains.io since it wouldnt fit in this type of .io/game

Under review

I have decided that I want to have long term goal (coins). They prefer short term. One is good for keeping players hooked with the game for a long period of time - the other increases session duration.