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Rebalancing Kick

achillesRising (aR) 8 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 7 years ago 6

What problem exists in the game currently? In the current meta, there isn't a big place for the kick. It's extremely situational compared to block, attack, and roll. Currently, kick does one damage on all circumstances except on block, and knocks down players. However, there really isn't a point to use kick in a normal combat situation, because you can just use regular attack for more damage in every scenario that you can successfully kick. Sure, you don't get to knock over the enemy, but in a standing vs. knocked over situation (a big part of the game), you can only predict and counter the enemy a certain percent of the time. It's much better to deal the consistent 2 damage than to deal 1 and then play the roll/block/kick/jump game.

What am I proposing? On a successful attack against a dashing, rolling, or jumping opponent, Kick deals 1.5 damage and knock them over. On hit against stationary opponent, Kick deals 1 damage and knocks over enemies. On hit against a blocking enemy, Kick deals 0 damage, the kicker is not stunned, and the block is not broken, nor is the blocker eligible for a counterattack. Instead, both contestants are pushed back moderately. Finally, a standard attack against a kicking enemy deals 2.5 damage and knocks them over.

How do I think these propositions will solve the problem? This will allow the kick to fill a niche roll as an anti-mobility technique. While it would never do as much damage as an attack, it provides a safer alternative, dealing mild amounts of damage across the board. However, in order to add the proper counter to Kick that it has always needed, Attack punishes kick severely. This properly completes the Rock-Paper-Scissors model for combat, and puts Block in its rightful place:

Attack ==> Kick ==> Roll ==> Block ==> Attack.

That is how it should be. Currently, however, it's more like this:

Attack ==> Kick

Attack ==> Roll

Kick ==> Roll (but not as well as Attack does it)

Roll==> Block

Block ==> Attack, Kick, Axe special, Hammer special, Knives, Arrows, Sword special....

As you can see, Block is too versatile as of late. By at least moving Kick into a neutral position in relation to block, we can help balance the moveset a little more.

I hope these changes are taken into consideration.

Stay sharp,


Kick is in a good spot , using it to switch up in stunlock when your opponent tries to counterroll or jumps, also allows for counters (and a minigame) to thrown weapons if timed right or you know... luck I don't say it needs a buff because of these reasons

I won't downvote your post just to see what other people think

Under review

I terribly need more comments there.

Personally I find kick is well balanced (considering it can kick back projectiles) - tho it's a rather mysterious move for new players who just see it as a weaker and slower attack. I quite succumb to idea of increasing it's damage tho.


Kick mechanics for me is fine, but here is one small mistake that should be fixed. I mean damage when the opponent Roll. The guide is written that when you kick a player who use roll, will receive 2 dmg but in fact receives 1 damage. I think this is the reason why most players will use the weapon to counterattack roll instead of kicks.


Current combat mechanics is a hard earned compromise between old and new mechanics. It promotes hitspam a bit more than before, because block seems to be shorter (that's why it's hard to defend yourself against more than 2-3 opponents). However, I don't see any reason to change it, and such changes as you are proposing can make this situation even worse. If kick will work against block as in your style, one can imagine being surrounded by a small team of opponents - it will be enough that one of them will kick you towards his teammates and they will turn you into a minced meat within seconds.

But the kick is the only way to block rolls...