'report abuse' option

achillesRising (aR) 8 years ago updated by wildsio player 8 years ago 4

Normally I don't play this card, but I was recently playing CTF with someone by the name of Grand Swordsman Radriarch who was demonstrating incredible obscenity, spamming the chat with messages like

"nigger scum"

"Jewish dog"

"fucking beta cuck"

"fucking Spic"

"You're dirt beneath my feet"


Now, I don't usually pay attention to these types, but this kid was so perverse and persistant that I wanted a way out of the game, permanently. The wilds.io community shouldn't have to tolerate these people. I suggest an immediate ban by IP, but that's just my opinion. Are racial and prejudice slurs tolerated in this game?


I forgot to add:

"fucking palsy retard"


i also came across this player and i asked him if everything was okay and he said he was being bullied,but nontheless there should still be a mute button for those who dont want to have to look at that

i seen LOT of games where lot of words is locked i don`t like this idea and this action game killing you can have big rege

I killed a player named PE and if i killed him he writed "fuck you"