Meele or desert? Choose the name of this mode, Rez!

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

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Just move your mouse to "desert" and you see on the left a description of mode. All is OK, but why on left side of screen you see above MELEE gameplay picture word "Melee"? It's desert or melee, because my brain needs some firemen?

Its desert but only melee weapons so maybe that's why.

I would still prefer one name though.

read title of topic, it says Meele instead of Melee

o0 spelling

Previously this mode was named meele ;) *gives 100 dollars*

In one of Rezoner's old posts he had "Experimental", That might be better, at least if he plans to changes the map frequently.