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Glad to see this game is released!

A couple quick observations after playing it a short while.


The camera pan system feels a bit clunky, because you must move the totem to see around the map. I think it would be better if you can click the ground and pan the camera, but the camera will not let the totem go outside the edge of the screen. In other words, the totem is like an "anchor" that the user can pan the camera around. (I feel this might be a little confusing, so if you need clarification just ask!)


The little people get pushed out of the way of the mouse. This is kind of fun but it's also oddly unsatisfying not being able to hover the mouse over your people XD. One thing I did notice is that you can move your players while fighting, which may give an advantage or disadvantage. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.

Those are my thoughts for now. I may have more when I have time to play the game a bit more.

Yes... and? I only responded because people had bumped it. That's why I requested that they not make posts that are irrelevant and/or unhelpful to the game.

Unfortunately, I still feel that this post is relevant :(

Maybe a post like this with many likes will help the Rezoner to return?

Stay strong, community. There is still hope

Also, I was not the one who bumped it. If you scroll up in comments you will see that BeeP BeeP Ima SheeP bumped it 8 hours ago and Ruby Rose commented on this 7 hours ago before this comment.

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Also, please only make posts that help the game.

I like this idea. It gives it a nice feel.

Survival of the littest

Also, Rezoner hasn't seen any of our posts that I know of


Right. I'm not saying he should choose over his family, but he should at least get help with moderators for this game. The last couple days proves this. Ironically, I wrote this post before the NSFW content was posted, and now it seems this post is validated.

You included an 'm' in your fifth row of sheeps