Wilds. Has it Been Forgotten?

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I know you are working on new games, but please do not forget Wilds.io. It is a successful game and it would be a shame for it to die. Sure, try other new games, but do not forget Wilds.io while you make them.

These are the 5 most important things that I see need attention, before new weapons or game modes or anything else. I've listed them in the order of importance.

1. Have 1 or more trusted people moderate UserEcho posts and Wilds.io players

2. Promote Wilds.io. Perhaps ask indie sites to review game?

3. Cheap items for noobs. Noobs don't like playing if they feel like they cannot make progress quickly

4. Important Glitches

    a. Fix Fort palisades glitch

    b. Fix spawns. At least, keep Ogres from damaging players when they first spawn

5. Hire testers and programmers. Or, at least find some help for these. Not because I don't think you can do it, (XD) but because of the time it takes

Thanks for taking the time to consider my post.

 - Lone Warrior

Y'know, there was mechar.io beside wilds.io what was made by Rez too, but it died.

Yes, that's why he should not forget Wilds. Other games might become successful too, but if they die he can still have wilds. Instead of both dying.

I'll play slay.one if wilds.io died

Agree,Rez needs helping hand nad also more publicity due to tihs great game.And yes,noobs need some sort of cheap weapons,I mean they have axes as mellee,maybe slingshots(lel) as free ranged to at least have some choice. Spawns are screwed up when ogre  attacks you from the start,same for gltiches and bugs when being able to go in fort without knocking down the gates.And NEVER EVER say that wilds will die. 

                                                                  It wont happen just for for 2  reasons:                                                                           

                                              1.Game has great span of options and mechanics which is good reason alone for                                                       this game not to die

                                              2.All it needs is a bit of promotion and sponsors so everyone will see how lit and

                                                   legit this game is.

Eh, I've been playing that game alongside with wilds.io if I got bored. (Including other games, of course) though, I wouldn't switch .-.

Hehe, Wilds.io on Steam? ;-;

then would it be called wilds.io?

;-; Shit...

why shit? I was playing the game (Transformice) long time ago and I heard it was added to Steam, and it was still transformice but without ".com" at ending, so it would be named "Wilds" and there would come some new players from Steam. Maybe there should be a special badge for players from steam...?

lmao I just realized that, how idiotic of me lol, but yeah, its a great game for Steam ;v

Steam, Origin, UPlay, GOG Galaxy etc.

Never knew those existed (except Steam ;v), I'm living under a crapton of rocks ._.

Origin belongs to EA, Uplay belongs to Ubisoft and GOG Galaxy belongs to CDP Red (Witcher 3 creators)

Wilds.io wont die if we, the community, keep it alive!

*Heroic Music in background*

Rezoner please come back!!!

Don't spam with your stupid memes.


Huh, didn't expect you to do something like this

And yea, I agree, because he's not seeing my awesome Village post!

Hm? Expect me to make a UserEcho post?

check out my post on lava pits

You included an 'm' in your fifth row of sheeps

your mother


It can't die if we keep it in our hearts. 


I feel like wilds.io isn't dying. There are plenty of players, and with a few fixes to things like the kick, it'll be doing even better. But yeah, rez is probably going to become increasingly less active, due to the fact that he's now married and expecting a son. If it's wilds.io vs rezoner's family, the answer is, of course, his family. We can't change that.


But these forums are definitely dying without moderation


Right. I'm not saying he should choose wilds.io over his family, but he should at least get help with moderators for this game. The last couple days proves this. Ironically, I wrote this post before the NSFW content was posted, and now it seems this post is validated.

Wut he's married really cool.


I thought he was ignoring my awesome village post.

I think Wilds just has a little too much lag.

Otherwise, it's not completely ded. About 200 active players.

1 kbps net speed makes cows flying away, breaks tiles from roof and makes trees fall down and soar to the sky.

I agree, especially if I get the tester job. I am a computer programmer in training (computer science principles). Basically saying, hook me up.

Remember that are players that can't use daily quest since 2 months....

rezoner is not even seeing more our posts
wilds is dying, but it was a good game
(drama) gg

So I am drama queen when everyone started to make drama after Rezoner made his family, doing son(daughter? must be programmist independently of gender) and making new game (rezoner.net) in last 11 days, so he can't get any piece of even millisecond (attosecond XD) to visit userecho and make something on wilds.io code, and now people are crying and making topics about dead wilds.io and saying GG, I'm just on border of my serenity to start to insult everyone here who is crying about this game just because Rezoner is busy. I have no clue why I'm still here.

you are here cause we dont want the game to die, and as long as we stay here despite the trollers and shitposters(LITERALLY) wilds io will survive

There would be heroic music in background, but some kind of idiots stole our gramophone :V

Survival of the littest

Also, Rezoner hasn't seen any of our posts that I know of


Unfortunately, I still feel that this post is relevant :(

Maybe a post like this with many likes will help the Rezoner to return?

Stay strong, wilds.io community. There is still hope

._. He just "returned" like...a few days ago. He doesn't have any free hands to help out wilds.io yet, but he'll be back fully before Christmas.

*to talk is cheap show me your code topic (becouse i dont want to bump it [AGAIN -,-]

maybe they did it first but  5 HOURS BEFORE YOU


Yes... and? I only responded because people had bumped it. That's why I requested that they not make posts that are irrelevant and/or unhelpful to the game.

welI am becoming a programmer so, guys hook me up, I am not rect7911 (should be ezr that way)