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What's the big deal with 2D for a programmer like you you need more than 30 min to design 10 things in Java??

(Asking from curiosity)

charged melee 3 damage??This is a too overpowered for the arena

I like the idea,it could maybe be like a tournament per week? And take gold,achievements etc

Also this could be solved with a menu that you set your own controls.

I think rolling from a platform to an other is on purpose like that not a bug,and its kinda legit your feet are not on the ground.

vote up for the free for all mode but many teams??? nah

0fanis0 but I will start my own channel

AKA (I will use his Computer perfect internet connection 5000$ dollars PC)

My best friend here is streaming league of legends and that's why I said the stream will be minimum 1-2 times a week and sometimes more.Personally I dont have any experience but I have experienced friends,I study Computer Engineering so how hard could it be :P