Your comments

How can you talk about old times without mentioning the berserker ,normies....ruins were soooo late in the game

Also I think perma ban on Seva is really strict,as much I don't like his posts he still deserved something like a 10 day ban,only people like the The King should be permanently banned.

I think there should be some kind of mods in this forum,for cases like this...

I think it's a very nice add-on for the game,but I would prefer armor to be in the game shop(with swords hats etc).

Well don't fight kite: run hit run kick etc. and on and on.

If they are dumb enough to chase you and "noobs" than you can handle many

Very good,this is helpful for beginners and more experienced players

I didn't get what you said :P

Mini quests sound really cool indeed.