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Wilds.io Streaming

Gorilla/Gori2 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 14

I am thinking to open a channel in twitch so I can Stream Wilds.io and make it more famous.

I am currently about 50-60 place in the arena and I am playing from the original version,so I can intronduce the game to the new players.

Would you watch a stream of Wilds and do you think it worth the effort?

It would be a support for the development of the game :)

I am 230 in arena, if I can help you do not hesitate to ask me :)

¬ Khargok

If it's good it's worth the effort, if it sucks it's not. lol

I am talking about once or two times per week maybe even more on holidays

But I dont even now where to post it so people can see it,so that's why I am asking here for Rezoner to respond it needs to be organised,or it will be an empty stream

I think you should just start steaming on twitch. Make sure that the quality is good. Dont lag all the time and make it entertaining. Either put music if you dont want voice or interact with your viewers. If you do start streaming, I'm sure the wilds community will support you and give you some follows. :D

I don't watch twitch, only Youtube.

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Have you streamed any game before? Is there a chance we could see your previous videos?

My best friend here is streaming league of legends and that's why I said the stream will be minimum 1-2 times a week and sometimes more.Personally I dont have any experience but I have experienced friends,I study Computer Engineering so how hard could it be :P


AKA (I will use his Computer perfect internet connection 5000$ dollars PC)

so whats his channel or twitch name?

0fanis0 but I will start my own channel