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>5. The number of guilds.

Oh, there is an easy fix!

1,000 gold for a guild is really cheap - the influence map is already crowded and it will only get worse over time.

I think setting a higher price - even up to 10,000 - should improve the situation a lot. Not only there will be less guilds, but also players will be more likely to join existing guilds (that's the point, right?) instead of creating their own and spamming invitation links in chat.

>6. Communication.

Having a separate guild chat would be troublesome - there'd be three chats total (global, "national" and guild) - how about using a system similiar to ones in MMORPGs, where starting a message with a certaing symbol - e.g. "#" sends the message to guild members only.

I did almost the same thing - I was trying to disband a tribe by kicking all the members (i.e. me) and make a new one with same tag but different name and got a message that the tag is already in use.

We need a way to disband our tribe, or at least change its name.


>infinite speed and hp potions

oh ok, so it's like a Flash-Wolverine crossover xd

That's a pretty good idea, actually - game used to be more competetive (& therefore more addicting!) when ranks were displayed over players' heads. They've been replaced by bone counters now and it kinda makes it less prestigious to be top 1 / top 10 in rankings.

also good luck with fitting a skull in 9x9 pixel square xd

Yeah, focusing on emotional sounds instead of commands seems reasonable.

Also a 'hello' (maybe even 'bye'?) would be nice to greet players without getting muted for spamming :)

(Also imagine killing someone and then leaving his body saying 'bye' in high-pitched voice. EDIT: in Wilds, not IRL!)

Apart from 'bue' and 'vrngghgh' we surce could use some sounds for amusement (like 'hahaha' or 'lol' ?) and sadness/sympathy ('awww' ?).

I've seen people use 'no' and 'ok' - mainly for begging other players not to kill them and the latter agreeing - theese two could stay too.

That would give us a combination of vrngh / bue / hello / bye / lol / aww / ok / no which seems to cover most of situations requiring a quick, short reaction.

Video of this glitch is even funnier

achillsRising there seems to be a general problem with walls being very close to holes in ground; the issue seems to have appeared after auto jump over holes was added, maybe that's a clue?

Also add redstone and creepers and the ender dragon and Notch and Jeb...

Let's not turn this game into something it isn't meant to be.

Altought it looks disturbing it's just something that happens and isn't that much of a problem.

When you leave a game a bot takes over your character until it gets killed (that is to prevent players from suddenly disappearing, I guess).

So you left the game, a bot took control over your character and you rejoined the same game.

There is no good solution to the problem, but maybe adding something to name tags of people who left would help avoiding confusion? Say, if player leaves, then a bot controls the character, but it's name gets changed from "Kili" to "Kili (bot)" or "Kili [disconnected]" or "Kili [left the game]" or whatever?